Various games & tools I made!


CraftStudio lets you build games from scratch in real-time over the Internet. Start your own game or join others to make your dream games come true!

Hop on a server and build games or movies from scratch with your friends, editing models, maps & scripts together. It’s designed to be very easy to pick up so you don’t need prior knowledge or years of training. Currently in Beta, you can grab it at

CraftStudio Games!

You can play lots of CraftStudio games right in your browser thanks to its HTML5-powered player. Head over to

Spelunky Death Roulette

Do like watching people die in Spelunky, the incredibly hard, randomized platformer from Mossmouth? Now you can bet on what will be the cause of their demise with the Spelunky Death Roulette!



A crazy little party game. Quick, type a word containing the right letters and pass on the bomb before it explodes!


Daily Frenzy

Every day: an all-new, crazy-hard, randomly-generated cave to slide through. Grab your mouse and play the Daily Frenzy Challenge against your friends!



A little multiplayer space battle game built in HTML5.
Play at



You can make @gdevbot build games for you entirely by tweeting and writing scripts with emojis. This is a silly side-project I spent a week on.

Check out this little game I built with it with full “source code” tweets.