Short MotG test & CraftStudio

On Saturday night I ran a short test of Master of the Grid, my MMO trivia game show side-project (unrelated to CraftStudio). It was tons of fun, about 20 people quickly filled up the grid and we played 3 rounds together. Dan Dias came out as the overall Master of the Grid with 5.299.580 sparkleys (= points)!

I wrote down a bunch of stuff I need to fix (sparkleys go up WAY TOO FAST for instance :P) and improve for the next test (thanks for all the feedback). I’ll plan to run another test by the end of the week so stay tuned.

I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this game yet (especially in terms of how it could bring any revenue) but it’s an exciting adventure anyway!

And now, back to CraftStudio… I just released CraftStudio (along with the server) which is a modest update featuring improvements & fixes that have accumulated over the past two weeks.

Find and open assets quickly

When your projects grow too big, it becomes cumbersome to browse through all your assets. As a temporary workaround, I had implemented “/search” and “/open” chat commands a few months back. Well, forget all about them, and check out this new search popup Matthew implemented just before he left.

The popup can be triggered by hitting Ctrl+O.

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