About me

I’ve been passionate about creating since I was very young. I got started with programming at the age of 8 and it’s been my main interest ever since.

I love designing games and apps of all kinds, whether to amaze, be useful or let people have fun together. I like to play, tinker, deconstruct, understand, learn new skills and share my discoveries.

Sparklin Labs

President January 2012 – now

In early 2012, after a few months of preparation, I founded my own company to work full-time on CraftStudio, my live-coop 3D game-making platform. I raised $23,500 through crowdfunding and delivered hundred of incremental updates.


In addition to taking part in various game jams with friends, I’ve been building a bunch of Web games on the side like The Daily Frenzy Challenge, BombPartyThe Spelunky Death Roulette or Gem Blasters.

Whenever I get the chance, I open source the libraries I build under a liberal license for everyone to use and contribute fixes and improvements to existing projects.

Creative Patterns

Game Programmer November 2008 – September 2011

After a summer internship at Creative Patterns at the end of my first and only year at SUPINFO, I was offered a full-time job as a game programmer.


I spent 3 years there working on various iPhone, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and PC titles including QuadSmash, which sprung out of my stenciL project.

Older things

Spare time projects as a kid/student 1997 – 2008

I dug up those projects in particular, but there are many more lurking somewhere on one of my hard drives, from back when source control wasn’t exactly a thing yet.

  • Rock Solid Rally and Run For Your Pants, two unfinished XNA titles which used some of the SVG level conversion logic I had built for stenciL.
  • Poonzers, a multiplayer tank game built with Python and PySFML.
  • Project Lockdown, a multiplayer shooting game project built with XNA and Lidgren.Network.
  • TreaSeek was an online gold rush-themed Web game I built while in middle school. At its peak, it garnered a few hundred regular players.
  • A multiplayer Pac-Man clone, a PyGame platformer, an XMPP client, a POP client, GTK+-based photo management software with 3D animations, a peer-to-peer sharing software, and countless other learning projects


Some of the technologies I’m familiar with

Over the years I have built stuff with lots and lots of different technologies. I can pick up new languages, frameworks and tools very quickly and I love to stay informed by looking at them even when I don’t end up using them in production.

There are way too many to list them all so here’s a few picks:

  • I currently write a lot of C# using XNA / MonoGame for CraftStudio and other projects. It’s a great platform that I’m quite productive with.
  • I used to be very fluent in C, C++ and Objective-C though I’m probably a bit rusty by now considering it’s been a couple years since I’ve done anything serious with them. I’ve written software using all kinds of APIs, user interface toolkits like Qt, wxWidgets, GTK+, rendering APIs like DirectX, OpenGL, SDL, SFML, cairo, and so on.
  • On the Web side, I’ve been doing a lot of Node.js development, combined with my choice of ExpressJS, CoffeeScript, Jade and Stylus. My real-time Web games use socket.io and I’ve been toying around with WebRTC for adding networking support in the CraftStudio Web player too.
  • I’ve played around and built games with Bullet Physics and various Box2D derivatives like Farseer Physics, Box2D.XNA and so on.
  • I’ve written shaders, built custom model exporters in C# for Softimage and in Python for Blender.
  • At various points in time, I’ve practiced Java, Python, Pascal, PHP, assembly and BASIC (my first love :)).


You can get a hold of me through any of the following.