Monsieur Chat


Tomorrow would have been Monsieur Chat’s third birthday with us.

That little bugger followed Rosalie from the street into the elevator and came in looking for a home. He was so proud and beautiful. And a bit tired.

I was busy preparing the big release of CraftStudio Beta that night, he sat on my lap for a while. We weren’t sure if we could keep him. For his first night at home, he slept between our two heads. Big smiles. He never did that again.

We kept an eye out for lost cat notices in the neighborhood, hoping we wouldn’t find any. We didn’t. So he stayed and it was the three of us.

I fell in love with him so hard. Our little buddy, Monsieur Chat.

And I figured he’d be with us for a decade or two. Far into the future, for sure.
But every now and then, he threw up. And meds didn’t fix it. And slowly, it became serious.

Late last year, he spent some nights sleeping on my belly…
I felt like he truly enjoyed my company, like I enjoyed his.


And at some point, he got much worse. And they couldn’t make him better.
So he went to sleep on our laps and in our arms, one last time. I cried so hard.


We miss you so very much. Thanks for all the cuddles.