Spelunky Death Roulette!

Oh my, looks like I never posted about it here!

Spelunky Death Roulette is a little betting meta-game I built around Spelunky livestreams a couple weeks ago.

But first: Spelunky is an AWESOME platformer rogue-like by Derek Yu. If you haven’t played it yet, you should totally go do that now. I’ll be waiting for you.


I built the Death Roulette after I got the idea all of a sudden at 8AM (after an all-nighter on a different project), using my Node.js Stack of Awesome Productivity along with socket.io for real-time bet updates and passport-twitchtv for authentication. First version was operational after a couple of 8 hours-long coding sessions, then I improved on it based on feedback & some performance issues.

Spelunky Bets!

It got covered on Rock Paper Shotgun a couple days ago, on Wired yesterday and on PC Gamer today!

Lots of pretty big Spelunky streamers have used it including the lovely BaerTaffy which I’ve been watching regularly die in Spelunky for a couple of months now :D. You should totally follow him on Twitch, it’s great fun.