Web Player 1.5.5

I’m almost done implementing a first version of the network API in the Web player, which is very exciting news paving the way for networked games in the browser!

Until then, here’s another release with lots of improvements:

  • Fixed long-standing bug: the Web player’s object rendering order now matches the native runtime’s!
  • Implemented Camera:GetFOV and Camera:SetFOV
  • Implemented Map.LoadFromPackage. The API was changed to be asynchronous, assorted native runtime update coming soon (the change is backwards compatible with existing games so nothing should break)
  • Fixed Transform:SetLocalOrientation which was utterly broken. Oops.
  • Fixed GameObject:CreateScriptedBehavior to support passing property values as 3rd parameter
  • Fixed CS.Destroy to properly mark game object destruction pending status and never start destroyed components
  • Improved Web API error reporting a bit
  • Fixed bug in Web API: don’t add keys with null values when converting JSON to Lua