Free CraftStudio week-end for Ludum Dare 27

Just like last time, I’ll be running a free CraftStudio week-end for Ludum Dare 27. Read on for details!

What’s CraftStudio?

CraftStudio is the 3D game-making platform that lets you make games easily without the need for advanced modeling/technical skills! It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

For short: it’s a complete development environment which comes with built-in tools to craft your assets, you can collaborate on projects live with other people and it’s built to be very easy to pick up for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Modeling is based on a hierarchy of boxes, which is definitely a limitation to keep in mind (you won’t be making high-poly stuff), but it makes building models, texturing and animating (no rigging necessary!) much, much simpler and faster. Perfect when all you got is 48 to 72 hours…

Programming is done using either the Lua language (with CraftStudio’s own API) or a visual scripting system which compiles down to Lua.

As mentioned above, everything is real-time cooperative so you can invite people to spectate (or work with you on your game if you’re doing the jam!). It works offline too, obviously.


What’s the deal?

You get to use CraftStudio unrestricted (with scripting, export / import and access to all features) for the full duration of the Ludum Dare and then some. Just create an account and you’ll be upgraded to Premium status 24h before Ludum Dare starts. 24h after the jam ends, your account will revert back to a basic account.


SkyArena, a game made with CraftStudio for the latest 7dFPS

One thing to note: CraftStudio works well, it can do a lot of stuff but it’s still in beta. If you encounter any issues, I’ll be around on Twitter and in the forums to get you out of a rough patch!

Get started

You can check out some tutorials like this multiplayer Bomberman-like, basics for making an FPS using the built-in physics engine or watch some video tutorials:

Download CraftStudio now!


PaperCoaster, a game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 26