… Hi! Guess what? Here’s a new release!

Visual scripting improvements

  • Blocks can now be dragged by holding down Alt. This is useful for quickly grabbing a block without having to look for a part that can be dragged
  • Added blocks for dealing with angles & trigonometry: cosinus, sinus, tangent, arctangent and degrees / radians conversion
  • Added mouse input blocks: get mouse position or offset since last frame, make mouse cursor (in)visible, (un)lock mouse

Texture blur fix!

This bug has been plaguing CraftStudio since the very beginning, but it was very rare and I didn’t have a reproducible test-case until now. Thanks goes to Mattht for sending me a model where it happened reliably.

Basically sometimes the DPI resolution of an image was miscalculated (it would end up being 95.9866 instead of 96 for instance), inducing subtle but terrible blurring.

Once the issue was isolated, it was very easy to fix: CraftStudio now forces the DPI to 96 whenever a texture is loaded.

Miscellaneous changes

Added an “Open Projects folder” button in the Server Manager (which doesn’t work on Mac yet. I’ll fix it ASAP.)

Mitigate ability to grief on the Community Hub by limiting the number of assets a simple member can trash