CraftStudio – Big bag of changes!

Hey, how have you been? It’s been a while! I’ve been busy hacking away at various big CraftStudio changes and I got a bit carried away. Today comes an update to make up for it (and prepare for Ludum Dare!)

Open asset button

So a while back I added a popup to search and open assets, but it wasn’t very discoverable because you had to it Ctrl+O. This version remedies that by adding a proper button on the project’s home tab.


Scene improvements

The scene editor got a bit of a lifting, more specifically the game object component system. Component titles are now attached to their respective settings boxes for better readability and the “Add component” popup has been replaced by more straightforward buttons.

Opening newly created assets

Newly created assets are now automatically opened by default. This will be very helpful for beginners which won’t have to skim through the HUGE asset list on the Community Hub to find their first model and open it. I kinda wish I had done this earlier because the previous behavior provided a very poor first-time experience, but at least it’s fixed now.

Of course you can always untick the box if you need to create lots of assets without opening them all up.

Filtering Community Projects

The Community Projects list has been getting very crowded lately with all the new projects being created.  The new filter box will let you search for projects by name & description!

Visual scripting… ?

Visual scripting is ALMOST there. I’ve been using it successfully for a little test project, but there are some important details I need to work out before the first release (especially regarding the way variables are handled), to avoid trapping myself into a corner for later updates, plus I still have quite a bit of scripting functions to properly expose to visual scripts.

“Rocket Awesomeness!”, a game I’ll be releasing soon made only with visual scripts

Now… if you’re feeling adventurous and still want to get a taste of (fully-unsupported, probably-buggy, might-burn-down-your-house-) visual scripting, you can enable visual script creation by starting CraftStudio by typing Windows+R and then entering:

CraftStudioClient.exe /allow-creating-visual-scripts

Again, it is not ready for prime time and your scripts might need to be fixed manually when the actual release hits, so don’t use it for anything serious besides experimenting.

No live scene update yet

Live asset update in scenes has proven to be a big undertaking and I had to postpone it to release this version in time for Ludum Dare 25. I already got some parts working in a development branch so it shouldn’t be too long until it’s released :).

New math functions

I added a couple math functions to the standard library:

  • math.clamp( value, min, max ) to well, clamp a value
  • math.randomrange( lower, upper ) to generate random real numbers in a certain range

I’ll probably also add a math.round() and maybe even a math.lerp() in the next update.

If you have scripts that already define those functions then your functions will override those I added, no worry there.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Updated German translation (thanks goes to sk2k once again :))
  • Script properties can now be hidden in the script editor and then number of properties is displayed
  • Removed useless “Send” button in chat and made chat edit box less tall
  • I improved the way people are notified that a premium account is required for editing scripts to make it less obnoxious
  • Updated the launcher to feature the new logo (the update is optional so if you want to see it, you’ll need to download the launcher again from the website)
  • Fixed /start-offline command line switch to work properly
  • Fix an offset bug when dragging and scrolling in list view widgets
  • Fixed various minor runtime / script API bugs
  • Fixed parsing of opacity values in renderer components to use the invariant culture instead of a local culture (yeah that sounds pretty obscure but basically it fixes bugs for non-English users when editing opacity values in game object components)
  • Added CraftFighter to the list of featured projects
  • Server:
    • Fixed the last remaining map streaming exception (or at least I hope so)
    • Implemented secret administrator commands to curse users (cue evil laugh)