A crazy week-end: Sound support & game jam!

Hey y’all!

This week-end was filled with lots of activity. FoxFiesta organised a little French gamejam called Chronomaking and a bunch of us decided to take part in it. It ran from Saturday 2 AM to Sunday 2 AM (only 24 hours!). I livestreamed & recorded most of it, you can watch it at all on http://twitch.tv/eliseegw

A few hours before the gamejam started, I decided to finally tackle sound effects in CraftStudio. Livestreaming my progress helped me stay focused on delivering something, even if it wasn’t stellar. In approximately 6 hours, I got it working. It’s very bare bones, but hey, it does the job and paves the way for future improvements!

Doomsday Carrot Rampage

I’m very proud of what we managed to crank out in so little time.

Doomsday Carrot Rampage is a Minigore-like with 4 enemy types, increasing difficulty and cool sound effects!

It was made by anywhere between 5 and 15 people (I honestly don’t know as we let many people join us!). Thanks to all of you for a frantic and fun game-making time!

You can download it here for Windows or for Mac OS X.

Sound effects

So, starting with, CraftStudio supports .wav sound effects (more precisely, PCM wave files, mono or stereo, 8 or 16 bit, between 8 kHz and 48 kHz).

The sound asset list from Doomsday Carrot Rampage

The upload mechanism is very basic for now: it doesn’t show progress and sends the file in one big chunk. I’d recommend keeping sound effects fairly short (less than 10 MB should do it) until I get around to improving it all.

Playing back sounds in scripts couldn’t be easier:

-- Get your sound
local mySound = CraftStudio.FindAsset( "Some sound" )

-- Play it

For more advanced features, see the wiki documentation page.