CraftStudio – CraftStudio for Mac!

Today comes CraftStudio, which is mostly a bugfix release. But that’s not all! I’m very happy to announce this is also the first release available for Mac OS X too!

CraftStudio for Mac!

Let’s get to the point: You can download the installer from

You’ll need the Mono runtime from (Pick “stable Mac OS X” and then “runtime”)

CraftStudio should run on OS X 10.6 or newer. If you’re running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), you might need to right-click and select “Open With > Installer” to start it, otherwise it will complain about the package not being properly signed. (I’ve started to look into properly signing future versions)

Seeing as this is the first release, all I know for now is that it works for me ;). If you encounter any bugs, please report them in this forum thread. Thanks!

CraftStudioKart and CraftStudio running on OS X

The Mac port is powered by the open source project MonoGame. Huge thanks go to them for their hard work!

Now here’s the list of changes introduced in this version:

Client changes

  • Fixed rotating the camera with Alt+Left click when using the cuboid selection tool in maps
  • Fixed a bug with map selection rendering when using non-16 tile size
  • Updated the server & server manager icons to use the Ubuntu font & have more sizes besides 16×16
  • Spectators cannot use the “/export minecraft” command anymore. This was requested to avoid making it too easy to leech assets from someone else’s server.
  • The Minecraft export dialogs now keep the selected directory in memory, so when you do multiple exports, you won’t have to browse for it each time.
  • Fixed a crash when closing a model tab with an active animation while disconnected (Thanks mikerman50 for the report!)
  • Fixed a rare crash when the client was disconnected while waiting for project creation

Runtime changes

  • Map renderers are now warmed up when a scene is loaded so the first chunk appears right away

Server fixes

  • The server now logs folder / asset name changes
  • When loading a project, the project name is now logged rather than the opaque GUID