Announcing “Master of the Grid”

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on a side-project for a little over a week, partly to clear my head and also because I think it might end up being a pretty cool thing!

I’m almost done with an initial version, so let me introduce…

Master of the Grid

Master of the Grid is a “Web-based MMO Trivia Game Show”, kinda like those you can find on TV at dinner time. Except you get to play, rather than watch.

Up to 57 people at once can join the Grid to try and become the Master of the Grid by properly answering increasingly difficult questions. Make three mistakes and you’re out.  (why 57 people? I wanted to have 60 seats but the grid looks better by removing one seat on each odd row :D)

The shiny Login screen

Wanna help out?

I could use some help with interesting trivia questions from all kinds. So if you want to help, I set up a form where you can submit your own. Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure I got that one right!

When / how can I play?

I still have a few more features I’d like to implement before opening it up: e-mail sign up, the 3 lives thing (right now players only have one) and a persistent leaderboard. Also, more questions!

All you’ll need to play is an up-to-date Web browser.

I’ll post the URL on Twitter and Facebook as soon as it’s ready for some alpha testing. I’m shooting for this week-end, hopefully!

It’s lonely, all alone on the Grid