The Amazing Server Manager! (

It’s been just a week since the last update bringing script properties to CraftStudio, but I’m happy to announce another pretty massive update today.

Matthew and I have been hard at work on improving the overall CraftStudio experience. Here’s an overview of what’s new in CraftStudio!

The CraftStudio Server Manager

Forget running your server in a terrible terminal window and fiddling with command line arguments. Here comes the Server Manager!

The server manager displaying my local server’s status

The Server Manager starts automatically whenever you launch CraftStudio. It will be minimized in the system tray and will automatically start your local server. You can bring it up at anytime by hitting the “My Server” button (previously named “Local Server”, but I’m trying to get rid of the geek-speak).

The settings panel (pictured below) allows setting up one or more comma-separated global server administrators who can create and delete projects (for you old-school people, the command line argument is /admins=username1,username2,username3,…), plus disabling client authentication (useful if you want to craft without an active Internet connection).

Not many settings in there, I like it that way!

When you exit CraftStudio, a balloon will pop up to remind you that the server is still running so you can shut it down if you want (or keep it up for other folks who might join while you’re away!)

Community Projects

The Community pane has been revamped! It now displays a live list of all CraftStudio projects (except those which are invite-only) with a description and an indication of how many members there are.

Featured community projects. Your projects will be listed too in the other sections!

You can edit your project’s description in the administration tab. Being able to browse and join projects like this is quite exciting and I hope it’ll foster collaboration!

Joining and creating new projects

When browsing a particular server by clicking “Manage”  and then “Add project…”, you’ll find the server project list has been updated to display projects just like in the new Community pane. You can easily join multiple projects at once without leaving the server browser. What’s more: if you’re an administrator of the server, you’ll also see a shiny “Create new project…” button at the bottom of the popup:

The new server browser! Research shows it is now 110% awesomer.

Clicking the button will open up a nice little form:

This movie is going to be a riot!

 First run experience

Remember the first time you started CraftStudio? Did you have to look at the wiki or ask on the Community Hub to create your first project? Well these days are over. Check out who will be greeting new users from now on:

I wouldn’t trust a pirate though, he’s probably going to loot you while you’re setting up your project!

(If you want to see the popup for yourself, close CraftStudio, rename %APPDATA%/CraftStudio/Projects.lst to something else and then start again. You can restore it afterwards to get your project list back)

Other Changes

  • You can now center the view on a block (in models) or a game object (in scenes) with the F key (customizable)
  • A project can be removed by typing “/deleteproject yes for real” in the chat if you’re a server administrator. This will disconnect all members, unload all project data and rename the project folder to “[long-id] (deleted)” (so it doesn’t actually delete anything, but it does disable the project)
  • A setting has been added to choose which Control keys (left, right or both) are used for keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+W, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+A and so on). This is useful if you have set up funky camera controls ;)
  • Miscellaneous stuff
    • Fixed the minimum splitter size for the asset list in the project home tab
    • There’s a setting to prevent the Server Manager from starting when CraftStudio is launched
    • The game runtime report popup now scrolls automatically
    • Allow the game to run even if a scripted behavior has no linked scripts
    • Fixed off-by-one error in text area gutter width computation
    • Added missing French translations for block shapes & block faces
    • The mouse cursor is now properly reset when the hovered widget disappears
    • Fix various crashes (but I’m too lazy to list them all, plus nobody reads those changelogs until the end anyway :D)