CraftStudio – Block orientation & fixes

Hey you guys,

I didn’t expect to make another release this soon, but some issues have cropped up that made it necessary. So this is a fairly small (client-only) update that fixes annoying issues we introduced over the last week, and as a bonus, it features some initial work on new map editing tools.

Map editing improvements (work in progress)

I’ve started working on improving the map editor. This early release provides the ability to lock the block orientation when placing blocks, so that you don’t have to face the right way to place huge amount of blocks. As you can see in the screenshot, I added a new “Mapping” tab that gives a lot of room for choosing blocks and has several tools.

The selection & move tools will let you make cuboid selections for quickly deleting, moving around or duplicating big chunks of maps. Those tools are not ready yet, they will be in the next release.

Finally, I disabled collision handling in the map editor, because it wasn’t useful and proved to be pretty annoying in some cases.

Bugs fixed

  • Running a project didn’t work for new CraftStudio users because the “Export” directory wasn’t created automatically anymore, this has been fixed.
  • Matthew and I fixed some internal backwards logic in the camera handling code in the previous update and a bunch of issues cropped up because of this.
    • Fixed camera position / orientation in welcome & “premium account required” popups.
    • Fixed map block orientation being backwards.
    • Fixed initial model block & scene game object position.
    • The player cameras’ orientations were inverted.
  • The script function Vector3.Angle has been fixed.