Script properties! (, Server

Matthew has been working on script properties for the past week and they are now ready for you to use!

What are script properties?

Script properties are special variables that you can define in a new panel located at the top of the script editor. You can define a default value for them, and then each game object component using your script can redefine those to customize how your script works!

For instance you could define a script property named “Health” in your enemy behavior and make it default to 100. But maybe some enemies are stronger (or weaker!)… Previously you would have been forced to duplicate your script. Now you can simply tweak the property’s value per game object in the scene editor!

It makes your scripts reusable and tweakable. Pretty awesome right?

The “Amplitude” property has a default value of 0.5 in this script from CraftStudioKart

The Amplitude value has been replaced with 2 in this particular instance of the behavior.

 Other changes

  • Fixed a crash when trying to paste anything but text in the chat (thanks EpicFrame for the report!)
  • That’s it!