Work on Project Waffle has begun!

So after Wednesday’s pretty beefy release, I’ve finally been able to start doing some prototyping for Project Waffle. My current focus is on implementing the gameplay basics with placeholder assets to find out what’s needed to make the game.

  • The Scripting API lacks several crucial features. Ray casting, game object creation / destruction are some of the most pressing needs. I’ve already started addressing those.
  • We’ll need some way to properly bind a weapon to a model node so that it can follow along during animations.
  • I’d like to implement the basics of the built-in store soon so that Project Waffle and other games can be distributed on it. I want to make CraftStudio into a great platform for gaming, game-making and modding and having the store with some free content will provide some great showcase for what’s possible!
  • Also, we shall have a high score / leaderboard API pretty soon!

Project Waffle prototype, featuring terrible temporary graphics!

If you’re one of the few who contributed to “Backstage access” level or above during CraftStudio’s crowdfunding campaign, you can add Project Waffle to your CraftStudio projects and come chat with us, play with the prototype and look at the project as it evolves (use the Manage button, Add Project… and then connect to “”). Otherwise you’ll just have to wait for a while :)