CraftStudio Client & Runtime, Server

Here’s a pretty big update with some exciting changes, including copy / paste support with external programs, line numbers in scripts and tile set reusability!

 Client Changes

Copy / paste support in image editors (use Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+A!)

Tile sets can now be selected and reused in maps

When hovering a block type in the tile selection viewport, its ID is now displayed in a tooltip (useful for scripting)

Line numbers have been added in the script editor

I added details about progress in export popup

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed animation bug when there are only two keyframes on the first and last step
    • Fixed transform handle jumping when lagging
  • Miscellaneous
    • When connecting the project status icon is now yellow instead of red
    • Added Facebook / Twitter / Google+ icons on the Home pane
    • Retired Retalyx Studio from the Community pane
    • Added French Fries support!

Runtime Changes

  • Added os.time(), os.timediff(),, os.clock() functions.

Server Changes

  • Support image pasting
  • Support tile set reuse
  • Bug fixes
  • Don’t crash when advertising the server if the local address can’t be read