CraftStudio Client & Runtime, Server

Say hi to It features lots of useful new keyboard shortcuts (F5 to export! Ctrl+W to close a tab!), a refined scripting API with raycasting functions and the usual assortment of bug fixes!

This new release introduces a version number for the scripting API which will be incremented when compability-breaking changes are made. This will help avoid breaking your game projects too often while the API stabilizes.

You can choose which scripting API version to use for your project in the administration tab. For new projects, I recommend you always use the latest version.

The drop-down list allows choosing which API version to use

The script API version 1 introduced in this release uses Vector3 classes instead of 3 numbers in  Transform functions.  See the relevant wiki page for details.

Client Changes

  • User Interface
    • You can now press F5 to export your project from anywhere
    • You can now close tabs by pressing Ctrl+W
    • You can now open the Create Revision popup in assets by pressing Ctrl+S
    • Lists and trees can now be navigated using Home / End / Page Down / Page Up keys
  • Painting
    • You can now delete the selected texture rectangle with the Delete key
  • Scripting
    • Added Vector3, Plane and Ray classes (with plane, model & map raycasting functions)
    • Add Script API Version switch in administration tab.
  • Bug fixes
    • The spinning wheel in the asset preview panel is now displayed while a map and its tileset is loading
    • Introduction requests are now properly enqueue d until a connection to the master server has been established
    • Fixed initial selection in Create Asset popup
    • Fixed a bug that prevented setting a Camera component’s render viewport Y position & height properly
    • Fixed various crashes when a map takes too long to load
  • Miscellaneous
    • Lowered server NAT introduction timeout from 3s to 1s

Runtime Changes

  •  Use Vector3 classes whenever it makes sense for Transform functions
  • Implement model and map raycasting

Server Changes

  • Support changing the project’s Script API version