Improving CraftStudio’s initial UX

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how to provide a better initial experience for CraftStudio. First impression matters and I want to get it right. Here are my thoughts and the plan I came up with.

The status quo

When starting CraftStudio for the first time, you are invited to hop on the Public Test Project, it’s a single click away from the home pane. Being able to engage with helpful people right away is great, but you quickly end up flooded with astronomical quantities of pre-existing content. Creating and then finding again your stuff is hard and there is quite a bit of griefing (sometimes not even intentional) going on too.

I set up a team of moderators to work through the many assets that are created, sort them and act of griefing. But it’s slow, boring and ultimately a waste of time. The Public Test Project is open to anyone with a free account, so griefers can just sign up for another one if they get blacklisted. I don’t want to start banning IP addresses as that could impact innocent people behind the same network.

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